We aim to provide a varied and balanced curriculum which is both stimulating and enjoyable. The School’s curriculum is kept under constant review to ensure that it provides the most appropriate education for its pupils.

Reception and Key Stage One

A high priority is placed upon the core subjects of  literacy and numeracy which is taught on a daily basis.

In literacy, phonics are taught daily and the children are introduced to the ‘look, say, cover, write, check’ method to learn weekly spellings. The children read to the teacher on a daily basis.

Emphasis is also placed on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation, along with creative writing and writing styles.

Number work is taught daily with emphasis on addition, subtraction and multiplication, then division. Also measurement, telling time, fractions, shapes, money, weight, data handling and display.

Other subjects include Topic, Science, History, French, ICT, Music, World About Us, PSHE, Art and Technology, P.E. and Handwriting.

Key Stage 2

 Throughout the school day the children will be involved in independent, paired or grouped activities.

Reading, Literacy and Maths are taught on a daily basis. Strong emphasis is placed on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling.

Again, Maths is taught on a daily basis with particular emphasis on Mental Maths and problem solving work including Algebra.

Other subjects include Science, ICT, Verbal Reasoning, French, German, History, Geography, Art and Technology, Music, P.E., Current Affairs, Topic, World Religions and Handwriting.

For all age groups, School trips are frequently organised to compliment the learning experience, such as to the JorvikViking Centre, Eden Camp and Conisbrough Castle.

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