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Main Uniform

Boys                                          Girls

Navy Blue Outdoor Coat                            Navy Blue Outdoor Coat

Navy Blue Blazer                                         Navy Blue Blazer

Black or Grey Trousers                               Navy Blue Skirt/Pinafore Dress

White Shirt                                                   White Blouse

Navy Blue Jumper                                       Navy Blue Cardigan

School Tie*                                                  School Tie*

Grey Socks                                                   White Socks

School Cap with Badge                              Straw Boater

Black Outdoor Shoes                                 Black Outdoor Shoes

* From School

Summer Uniform

Short Sleeve Shirts may be worn               Green Checked Dress

Sports Kit

White Sports Shirt                                          White Sports Shirt

Navy Blue Shorts                                           Navy Blue Shorts

White with Navy Trainers                             White with Navy Trainers

Navy Blue or Black Swimming Trunks        Navy Blue or Black Swimming Costume


Navy Blue School Bag with Badge             Navy Blue School Bag with Badge

Navy Blue P.E. Bag with Badge                  Navy Blue P.E. Bag with Badge

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